Blood & Tears Testo

Testo Blood & Tears

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
[Hook x2: samples Danzig - Blood and Tears]
Blood and tears, blood and tears
Since you been gone
I hear you be crying

[Verse 1:]
I'm... sippin here reminiscing
Until this time I never thought about how much I missed it
But not the phony niggas, or the groupie bitches
No not the autographs kissing ass and taking pictures
I made a bottom line, not just a surface of it
The reason why I rhyme, I mean the purpose of it
You were my everything, the reason why I breathe
I would have never thought, one day you up and leave
See I cannot believe how much you mean to me
Cause back in 87 you were just a dream to me
See I would listen to you, write and quote your lines
See I would think about you, but never spoke my mind
See how these niggas treat you, they talking different to you
They wanna single deal, but no commitment to you
But I ain't sticking with'chu, until I ride away
Hip hop's my favorite girl, the one that got away

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
I heard you got a gangsta, something I can't explain
He know he fuckin with you, but he ain't try'na claim
He say he not a rapper, just out here spittin game
And he don't care about you, just want his piece of change
Well I guess he changed, don't know what happen to ya
See all that shit he slang, it never matter to ya
I mean you have your fun, so I can never hate it
But we were never done, just maybe separated
I guess I thought we made it, and started trickin' on you
And I got less creative and started shittin' on you
That's when I got complacent, I mean depression hit
I wasn't running from you just had to question it
See I'm a sucka for you, that's why they talk about me
But like I give a fuck about the shit they blog about me
I mean you save my life, that's why I write towards it
The bond I know we have, that's why I'm fighting for it

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3:]
So now I'm more reclusive, and less exclusive
And fuck the moderation I became much more abusive
I mean I left the crib, I wasn't with my kids
But a life without you isn't what I wanna live
Ain't no controlling this, I put my hole in this
I mean I gave it all I put my heart and soul to this
See we were meant to be, why would you leave me now?
Me and my microphone, I swear I see it now
I got my life in order, so I'm back on my mission
My music is my drug, so I feed my addiction
You are the piece that's missing; I swear you must believe me
I'm finished business baby, I need you to complete
The critics say we over, and I should leave em be
They just don't understand that I am what'chu need
We'll make em all believers, cause they were meant to see
My soul made from the start, hip hop will meant to be

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