The Life Testo

Testo The Life

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
[Verse 1:]
Nigga I'm a sign and tell, baby I'm a stunna
Got poppy on the line and we about to talk numbers
Suite full of bitches, squad full of shooters
Cartier frames, watch Franck Muller
Three piece Newman that I just got Tailor
E Saint Lebanon's shoes nigga I don't do gators
Passport stamp five first class tickets
And a trunk full of white, it's about to be Christmas
Catch a nigga poolside south beach mode
Prime 1 12 or the lobby of the load
Making wages out in Vegas while the feds taking pictures
Bet it all in one road dawg ya can't take it with'cha
A nigga never slippin in the dash
I got medal of a Porsche 911 that'll raise the thront level
Nigga this the life, I don't talk it cause I live it
Walk with a nigga let me teach you how to pive it, uh

Boss of the bosses, G until they bury me
I ain't taking loss, can't no nigga worry me
Nigga we be sowing out (uh) kush we be blowing out (uh)
I'm getting money in this bitch time to throw it out (yeah)
Throw it out (yeah) I'm a throw it out
We getting money in this bitch time to throw it out (yeah)
Throw it out (yeah) I'm a throw it out
We getting money in this bitch time to throw it out (yeah)

[Verse 2:]
Let me make it clear, this money I'm a pile high
Fuck it in my level, welcome to the mile high
Prices going sky high do as you directed it
Matta fact I am Wi-Fi baby I'm connected
Nigga I'm a ball off, I ain't try'na fall off
Presidential suite having dinner at the Waldorf
They try'na knock us all off, tell me if you with me
Crib in the birth nigga condo in the city
Birds in the trunk, first up out the kitchen
Catch a nigga sitting courtside balling down at Phillip's
Move a couple chickens, I tell you what the ticket like
Brand new paper tag and I ain't pay the stick-up price
Welcome to a nigga life, tell me what'chu think of it
Bottles of that Rosay, Ion't even drink or sip
Sliding though the A, peaking through my tint
I'm going for the gold every day is an event, uh

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