Break Bread (feat. Ludacris) Testo

Testo Break Bread (feat. Ludacris)

(BC) I-20, nigga. Yeah (L) Break Bread, nigga! (BC) Don't get scub-drugged (L) Break Bread, nigga! (BC) [Laughing] (L) Break Bread, nigga! (BC) Hey tell him, tell him, hey (L) Break Bread, nigga! Chorus 2x: Ludacris Hey I'm a maniac call and tell the whole world Mr. Pain is back and get them things out, you better lock up your house and tell the cops to let them animals out. Break Bread, nigga! [I-20] I-20 meet the dealer cause I'm out on bail I broke free and I aint never going back to jail ATL Eastside says I'm back from hell re-introduce to my connect and I got sacks to sale Since I was young I broke bones, using sticks and stones putting bruises on you cowards, lames leave me alone I been serving it for certain til the day that I die you got that (?) for the low, I got that five for the high Niggas trapping when they rapping but I feel like they acting and I aint talking bout vacation when I say that I'm packing Hear that hunger in my voice and all the pain in my eyes if this the only chance I get, then you can bet I'm a ride I got my back against the wall, put my hand on my tool these nigga gotta give me something, I got nothing to lose A-Town's new ruler, through your signs in the sky y'all nigga loving how y'all living, but I ready to [Chorus] [I-20] You niggas setting you to get me, better come with that force it?s 20, got magazines and I ain't talking +The Source+ Mr. Pain, change the game by the time I'm arraigned catch a charge like a (?) foul, deep in the lane Y'all niggaz know where you can find, see I'm deep in the south when niggaz put away that Benz and pull that Chevorlet out Y'all niggaz caking off these broads, spent a stack on that bitch I throw that hoe right out the whip and pour some 'gnac on that bitch And as far as all this beefing, y'all aint worrying me read the ink that's on my body, there's a story in me If I said then I done it, you can take it at that y'all been eating off these streets and now I'm taking it back I won't send it sideways, you get it live and direct I-20 in this place coming live from the Dec' DTP I represent it, see I'm more than a star and give a **** about your club, I'm buying more than a [Ludacris] 4x Get back and put your life on the line Get back and put your life on the line Break Bread, nigga! [I-20] I-20 is a shortstop, you still taking aim I'm the block's head coach, bitch I'm teaching the game So I'm serving like I'm Agassi, Venus or Serena I'm riding with a felony, you ducking misdemeanors and man I'm still hurting and my mama still working so I stay with the glove and the mask like a surgeon A-Town's new ruler, through your signs in the sky y'all niggaz loving how y'all living, but I ready to [Chorus] [Ludacris] 4x Break Bread, nigga!

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