Slum Testo

Testo Slum

(Tity Boi Talking) They'll like this here It's time to represent the slums Know what I mean 2-0(yeah) Tit (bitch) Shawnna (yeah) (Bitch) [Verse 1] (I -20) 2-0 get it right from the get go Go broke fuck around pull the kit closed Talking shit in the dec here the clip go Sit down smoke dro I'm a let tit flow (Tity Boi) This is for my nigga Bo locked in the pen Done sold caine and even raised his kids My folks in the holodome even know I'm know where in the world bin Ladin is (Shawnna) Slow down yall why did them niggaz want some and we a show them motherfuckers they'll get some I'm from the city of shitty niggaz and big girls Til we met tit and shawnna bring them the big thugs (I-20) Luda Fate Tity Ho I'm the Southside Face down ass up with her mouth wide You know the drill slangin pills tryna get green I'm 2-0 but got a m-16 [Chorus] (T) Slums (I&S) all them niggaz and them bitches with there own ends (T) Slums (I&S) who riding cutless and them caddies on them grown men (T) Slums (I&S) who's in the trap and make them papers till the folks come (T) Slums (I&S) You know that they'll never change unless they owe something [Verse 2] (Tity Boi) I'm like this corner I gotta stay bent I need every quarter I gotta pay rent I see you nigga you got fans and shit But you gotta stop shakin and get your dancin ??? (Shawnna) She hit a motherfucker straight up of the block serving rocks Trying to get in my socks before the cops see And if a nigga wanna take it to the glocks wanna shock Quicker then a motherfuckers wanna pop me (I-20) Keep it chill what you know about Scottsdale Even late fighting pits and the glocks tale Mack 10's church preachers even cops tell And now he pleading over bread cuz the block fell (Tity Boi) When I was dead broke I didn't like postas stuntin round me might stunt your growth Draw down on four pound on Pick shawnnas ass from up off the ground holmes [Chorus] [Verse 3] (Shawnna) I wish a mothefucker would try to come test a bitch In the back ty's niggaz wanna base a bitch It's them Cadillac trucks and them lexesus And cant none you niggaz stand next to this (I-20) Drug dealer legend in my own time Nike signs happy faces and the whole nine Pop pills pop pussy poppin crist nigga Lil fate I double ludacris nigga (Tity Boi) I'm like fuck everysingle free-throw Even tho I might nigga wit a pink toe The game is fast but the cash is slow Why they wanna come to tit like he know (Shawnna) You go down the block in that black 6-4 Smoking that stuff in the pack that tit bought Project niggaz with project flow Slum ass niggaz wit them slum ass hoes [Chorus]

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