I Ain't New Ta This Testo

Testo I Ain't New Ta This

Come onCome on[ VERSE 1 ]Do this, ugh, come on, come onTime to get wreck and kick the so on and so onThe I-c-e-TO.G. M.C.L.A.P.D.H-a-t-e-s (Ho!)Watch the mic blowI flip scripts, and the Dump drops the AmmoTime to get wreck with the new styleIt's '93 and MC's are gettin buck wildBut I - ain't a - niggaThat's gonna get left with a big zero as a figureI'm gonna end up with a big sumCause if you don't like one jam, I always got another oneDifferent, specifically I don't copyTear up the track if the flow sounds sloppyI don't play one gameI bust about a dozen cuts on my lp's, none the same[ CHORUS ]I ain't new to thisI ain't new to thisNever beenNew to thisNiggaNew to thisI ain't new to thisFoolNew to thisFuck around and catch a left and a right fist[ VERSE 2 ]Boom bam, I drop fat slangWhen I used to hustle, used to be down with the crack gameWhen I was young, I used to roll with a street gangIf you wanna squabble, muthafucka, it ain't no thangI ain't new to this, I ain't new to thisBlow your dome, I hit quick as a pugilistUgh, ah, what's up? Now your eyes swoll'Thought I went soft, cause my records went gold(Sucker) Buster, you'se a - muthafuckin punk foolCaught you in your eye while you reached for your toolNow it's mine, and you're blindPop-pop-pop-pop-pop goes the nineYeah. what you're dissin bout, friend?Sayin I went out, but you ain't never been inI got r-e-s-p-e-c-t in the industryThat's somethin that you'll never see[ CHORUS ](They can get a smack for that) --> Flavor Flav(Yeah-yeah)[ VERSE 3 ]On and on to the funk trackBack glass shakin like shit, that's where the trunk's atThat's cause my shit's - made forNiggas that are hardcoreBrothers is quick to hook a left to your right jawGirls, come on, girls, come on, girls, come onGet your clothes off and the fun onGirls, come on, girls, come on, girls, come onGet your clothes off and the fun onIt's time to check cashJump in my 4, hit the switch and lay the assWhile the Klan try to kill meBut I wrote 'riot' on my muthafuckin will, geeSo when I'm gone, it's onCaps goin off on the streets like popcornTalkin bout Simon till the early morn'Word is bondBut now I just coolBumpin my Gang Starr tape by my poolI ain't new to this[ CHORUS ][ VERSE 4 ]Check, check, I got problems with the pressCaught the punk in traffic, stabbed the sucker in his neck(Ugh) Punk reporter tried to diss me(Ugh) Now the muthafucka's history(Ha) I got to make a break hardcore fat tapeWord, I don't fantasize, I don't exaggerateJust kick correct with the 1-2 mic checkStill quick to swing, take a sucker to the deckI'm not the nigga you should step to like a suckerWal kup talkin shit, you best to be a good duckerYour posse best to run from my gunKeep my nine off safety, and E holds the other one(Yeah, sucker)[ CHORUS ](They can get a smack for that)And you don't stopFuck, fuck around and get your punk ass droppedYeahIce-T'93 for the undergroundI ain't new ta this

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