Higher Testo

Testo Higher

Verse 1:Yo, I wanna get highI wanna get highWalking through campus with my backpackbailin' to orientationso I can change the nationSee many faces but none of 'em mirror meshow my ID to the punk ass securityStep on the quad lookin' for the track squadwalked by a bitch who think she's GodPassing me a flyer talkin' 'bout the Messiahshe wanna take me higherKeep your rhetoric in the heavenslook and see a bro' with a fro like Michael EvansDone spent 6 years in the collegealways telling me to question the knowledgeSittin' in the black hole with the black strolland not even one cave bitch in our clickSayin' fuck Professor FitzI come from the land of the Bloods and the Crips (What's up nigga)Don't like scholarships because they hurt menothin' but a slave to the universityThat's why ya see me on the track field run by yacaught by a liar who wanna take me higherChorusShit, he wanna take me higherwait until they get a load of me, shit shitI wanna get high so highChocolate ThaiVerse 2:I wanna take flight ya Goddamn rightit's a party every fucking nightBeen there for about 6 weekswalked by the freakslook, black greeksHow the fuck ya figureI dig ya me bein' from niggafied niggawhite boy in the room with mewho never saw BET what the fuckHe's about to erupt and turn redstart hangin' with the muthafuckin' skinheasd'Cause he can't deal with the overkillcollege ain't nothin' but niggervilleand he regret that his school is filledwith niggers jews and wetbacksPlus chinks now he drinkshour after hour screaming white powerMotherfucker want me to call him sirehe wanna take me higherChorusShit he wanna take me higherShit wait until they get a load of meShit shit shitVerse 3:A girl gets date raped just like thatat a frat now she chase the catFeminist saying women is God's giftdo you need a lift can I take a sniffDo I sound sexist cause I'm chasin'after Deja she from Texas?Down to kick the asses of the fascistswho wanna put me in the oven and burn me to ashesbut I'm not burnin' the world keeps turnin'and nobody learnin''Cause college is full of shitteachin' me to memorize nothin' but the liesChillin' at a rally for peacethe beast from white power up in the towerwith the M-1 gun and a scope on dopethinkin' he's the great white hopeMotherfucker levels offhe wanna see me 6 feet deep shoveled offCause Columbus University is nothing but a empirewho wanna take me higherChorus:Shit they wanna take me higherWait until they get a load of meShit they wanna take me higherThey wanna take me higherUnh damn they wanna take me higherDamn wait until they get a load of meDamn unh they wanna take me they wanna take meThem muthafuckas'll never break me shit

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