Distance Testo

Testo Distance

shattered all remaing lights
seems like a way
that i convinced myself
feelings better left on the shelf
again with everything it means
born to loose
with nothing much left to say
but i guess it doesn't matter anyway

pull me close
and watch me fall
time tuns out
but i can't say it's your fault
so it's my turn to hurt
but it's no ones fault
it's my time to hurt

i let my guard down
so i'll make the fall
time's running out for us all
are you guilty for what you've just said
are you faithful to what's inside your head

my feelings toward this situation
is that i'm guilty
for being the instigator
of these fallacies
not seeing the painful parts of insecurities
for not being the friend
that you want
you want me to be
this is
this is
this is
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