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Testo Family

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
we've wiped out clans and families
my species kills off everything close to me
eradicate all packs of wolves
shooting trapping poisoning wasting insanity

no more future
no real meaning
no more murder
no more pain

the hunters pay their blood money
a future loss of predatorial species
the governments they pay for this
shoot from a helicopter is a sportsman's dream

no more meaning
to this madness
no more killing
nothing gained

we live in the age of little red ridinghood
the movies and the stories show the wolves as never good
unlike us humans they only kill the weak
respect their elders, recpect their family


the timber, red, and gray wolves play
a vital role in genetic diversity
i consider them a vital part of my world
so i'm justified in fighting to protect them all

no more hunting
no more murder
no more trapping
no more hate

no more...
no more...
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