Sleepin With Friends Testo

Testo Sleepin With Friends

Baby, I'm sorry For all the wrong I've did to you What was I to do The things you put me through For messing up my best friend x2 See you keep telling me lies But I don't really wanna fight You keep on listening to your friends They tellin' you you need another man Baby Oh, I can't take this shit no more So get your clothes walk out that door Cause even though you was full of pain You shouldn't have slept with my friend Chorus Oh even though I'm insecure That don't mean I'll be a fool So save your lie for someone else I gotta get this shit up off my chest 1-You was stripping in the club You was giving it up You were doing your thang Sleepin' with my friend So you can't deny That you were hot like fire So tell me why, Baby tell me why Chorus See baby you don't know (don't know) What I've been going thru (what I've been going through) But I refuse to do (I refuse to do) What you want me to You were my shorty (my shorty) My one and only Messing with my homie (yes you was) So baby what was going on (I thought you was home alone) See I thought you was home alone Chorus Repeat 1

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