Whatever You Want Testo

Testo Whatever You Want

1 - Whatever you want I got Whatever you need I'll give Whatever you want I got Whatever you need I'll give I'll pay your rent I'll wash your clothes I'll cook your dinner too Baby anything goes Whatever you want Whatever you need Anything that you want from me Baby just call me, fo' sure Repeat 1 2 - Yea-e-e-yeah Yea-e-e-yeah Yea-e-e-yeah Yea-e-e-yeah [Trina] I like the rings with the gleam-gleam's in it nigga Six figgas or better I like my cottons spotted leather I ain't talking 'bout Jetta's, CLK's or better What I want is your tenant on point with my cheddar Never less than a hundred grand, SHIT! How you playing? You know Trina gots plans to travel to many lands Baby boy I ain't playing You know I gotta have it all from the winter, spring, summer, fall Shit that's what I want Repeat 1 Repeat 2 I'll get your nails done While you're at it get a pedicure I'll buy you Moschino wear Versacee, Donna Karen too Oh yes I will I'll be your only And if you hit it I'll be the other man Oh baby on a late night creeping We can do a rendezvous We can do a rendezvous Repeat 1 Repeat 2 Repeat 1

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