Alice On The Rooftop Testo

Testo Alice On The Rooftop

See the cars down below
how they go, they come and they go
see the fools, work all day
fade away and they don't even know

It's a shame, it's insane;
it's the world that's happening here
and it's hard to maintain
when everything is so insincere

Alice is on the rooftop
Alice is on the rooftop

There's a part in a play
that i swear was meant just for me
it's the part of a sailor
who's becoming afraid of the sea

Where ya going? Where ya Been?
are you trying so hard to fit in?
What's the point? Fix the joint,
and tommorow you can tell me again

Alice is on the rooftop
Alice is on the rooftop

and the sun don't ever come
where the rain refuses to fall
and you can't jump the bridge
when there is no bridge at all

theres a cross in the hand
of a man who is ready to die
theres a bird on my window
i believe she's ready to fly

take your toes from the ledge
and your arms are open wide
you're so tired, you're so torn
but your heart keeps beating inside

and Alice is on the rooftop
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