Down In The Valley Woe Testo

Testo Down In The Valley Woe

So long, sentimental lady
Is there something that
You're trying to say to me?
Cinderella complicated,
It ain't how you thought
That it would be.

So if I die before I wake
It must have been a bad mistake
Depending on the pills you take
Can complicate and devastate.
Now estimate! Your time on earth;
Do you recall your place of birth?
And can you tell what it's all worth,
And are you really satisfied?

Paint me a picture of a baby
(I want to see how lonesome I can be)
I don't want no one to save me
And I'm not going to leave here silently

Now what I have and what I've lost and
Every coin I've fountain tossed;
Like every line I thought I crossed
Just cut me when the winter frost,
I paid the cost; your rebel dreams
Suitcases and magazines
And I know I ain't alone

If I make it to the city,
Won't you do your best and honey pray for me?
They say that all the girls are pretty
They say that they don't dance for free

But forks and knives and rusted spoons
Bottomless in basement rooms
Your worn-out brides and reckless grooms
Are building tombs with pink balloons,
Then darkness looms an airless night;
Just a matchbook and some dynamite
And it won't matter who's wrong or right
Cause they're too tired to care
I can't help it but to ramble
I don't ever stay too long
Daddy warned you not to gamble
He said: “just pass your chips along”

Nursery rhymes and valentines
'Blessed Be The Tie That Binds'
a thousand mouths can speak one mind
(while love is still left undefined)
and undermined, misunderstood;
she hides beneath her happy hood,
saying: “what is God?” and “What is Good”
and “Why am I still here?”
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