Here We Are Testo

Testo Here We Are

Here we are Face to face We forget, time and place Hold me now Don't let go Though it hurts and we both know why The time we spend together's gonna fly And everything you do to me Is gonna feel so right Baby when you're loving me I feel like I could cry 'Cause there's nothing I can do To keep from loving you Here we are All alone Trembling hearts, beating strong Reaching out, a breathless kiss I never thought could feel like this I want to stop the time from passing by I wanna close my eyes and feel your lips are touching mine Baby when you're close to me I want you more each time And there's nothing I can do, to keep from loving you There's nothing I can do I'm helpless in your arms Oh baby what you do I'm in love, this is it There's no turning back this time No no no Here we are Once again But this time we're only friends Funny world Sometimes lies Become the game, when love's the prize And though no one knows what's going on inside And all the love I feel for you Is something I should hide When I have you close to me The feeling's so sublime That there's nothing I can do To keep from loving you No, no, no, Can't keep from loving you baby no, no, no

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