Mr. Melody Testo

Testo Mr. Melody

Hey Mr. Melody, Your on my mind constantly, And I think of you the whole day long. Hey Mr. Melody, You mean the whole world to me, Without you I would have no song. Hey Mr. Melody, You got me humming to your crazy beat, The more I hear it, The more I like it, You really made a hit with me. Mr. Melody, Mr. Melody, You are my melody, You do the sweetest thing to me, Please won't you stay here for all time, You are my melody, You'll be the sweetest you can be, And it's good to know your mine all the time. Hey Mr. Melody, Your love ohhh it makes me sing, I like loving you, You like loving me, Please don't ever change. Mr. Melody [Mr. Melody] Mr. Melody [Mr. Melody] Yeah yeah yeah, Doo-ya scooby dooby doo-ya, Scooby dooby doo-ya doo-ya, Ah weeh ah weeh ah weeh, Mr. Melody Mr. Melody Mr. Melody...

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