Say Goodbye Testo

Testo Say Goodbye

I was caught in the deception of my own perception,
believin' i would be the one, but i was hurt by my intentions
foolish heart, naive mind, only left me behind
with a pain, too strong to be cured through the hands of time

[CHORUS]: thru it all, i'm glad i had the chance to know you, baby yeah
i wanna hold you in my arms one last time before we say goodbye

well it's been days since i thought about you, wondered how i'd live without you
thinkin' of memories shared throughout our friendship,
i hope one day it could be just us two, you and me,
but i know for well you're done with this trip, so best wishes
to you and your new man, i'll try hard if i can
not to cry when you walk by with him holding your hand
make no mistake, i hurt inside this feeling won't subside
but in the end i'm watching in on your life of endless sins


and though we'll never be together, i'll still love you forever
until my life has ceased, i shall never rest in peace
(jawkneeyeah, wat's going on? tell us why you sing this song
about the girl who never cared to notice you were always there
these girls, all the same, playin' around like love's a game
take advice and just forget the day when y'all two met
there's plenty of fish out in the sea, this one's a bitch, let her leave
dude, you act like she's the shit, does she have an ass and nice big tits?
lately, you ain't been the same, always down, it's pretty lame
acting like a little boy who lost his favorite army toys)
i know what you're trying to say, can't get all the girls that come my way
but something inside's telling me, not to let this one leave
dude, y'all just don't understand, oh my gosh, shut up man
dude, just let it go, let it go, you know?


One last time, we say goodbye
one last time, we say goodbye
One last time, we say goodbye
One last time, we say goodbye
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