Love Song Harmonic Testo

Testo Love Song Harmonic

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
(Produced by SAMJAM MUSIC)

Verse I
When I was growing up
I hear stories
About a man who loved unconditionally
He healed the sick made to see
Caused the lame to walk and the deaf to hear
Fed a multitude with two fishes five loaves of bread
And he raised the dead oh how great is man

This is this is this is
My love song for you lord x2

Verse II
How fascinating is the man in these stories
How he gave of himself so unselfishly
How he laid his life as a sacrifice
So that I may have eternal life
He touch my soul I felt his love
That's why to him I write this song

This is this is this is
My love song for you lord x2
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