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Testo Pain

Look, simply said, I'm a pioneer of my area
Wrote my first line on some paper, I thought I'd share it witcha
I got a mic in 10th grade 'cause of a homie
Who didn't need it, I needed it 'cause I ain't have no money
To buy a mic of my own, I wasn't rich like the other kids
But my mama tried, she ain't doubt me like the others did
Made an account on MySpace so I can publicly
Share my mentality with others, all they did was fuck wit me
Lies on top of lies, all these comments used to fuck wit me
But I had someone at all times, I was luckily
Able to make a change in my game, I switched my flow up
Spit my first sick verse, felt like I had thrown up
I had the voice of a boy, I'm finally grown up
Got my name around but I don't feel like I am known enough
Glorification's my dedication in progress
Tryna be remembered, damn it's a long process

I hope my music will help me become a better man
'Cause there's so many things about me I don't understand
& if you think you know me then you got the upper hand
Cryin' to my grandma reachin' out for an elder's hand
I swear I was depressed when she left us
But God has kept me strong since she left, I'm glad He blessed us
There's only one thing that I regret
Not going to say good bye in the hospital 'fore she left
Every time I take step pass her door, I think see her
Maybe that's my conscious tellin' me that I now need her
However I'm happy that God freed her
I know grandpa was smilin' the moment that he had seen her
I know they're up in heaven & they're happy now
Life just kinda hit me really hard wit a crappy smile
How many people can tell you that they enjoy life?
But how many people can tell you they it enjoy it right?
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