Dear Angela Testo

Testo Dear Angela

Chorus: Whatever we had goin it sure aint anymore Where there used to laughter now theres only pain (Verse One) I never thought it would end Called u my soul mate Thought u?d become my wife Together forever Noone could tell me otherwise Now I look back Rememberin all those tears from ur eyes Those were the three longest yrs of my life Had to putem in song Should of known that we couldn?t whether the storm When u n moms ain?t get along How could u b the one Or maybe I was in need of ur touch Fresh off of a drug addiction Maybe I jus needed a crutch Inseperable us No matter wat looked out for the kid I never thought ud want me after the pigs My gurl b special Both of us was actin confused Said we?d have a child together So our families would have to approve But prior to ur miscarriage I wasn?t ready for a kid I was only working stock at the wiz Its backwards I jus wanted to help u Couldn?t take u comin to me sayin mouse theres sumthin I gotta tell u Sit down Chorus (Verse Two) Listen All I wanted in my better half I thought that I found her Even tho we argued The pussy was the best that I encountered I tried to put the BS past me So we could live in this same house happy But then u stabbed me Ambulance ER don?t kno wat imma do Tube in my dick Still all I wanted was u Damn my thinking was sick back then I left the hospital U came home from jail We?d b united again Bed ridden I jus wanted to see u Believing But u tryin to leave Don?t go angela please I need you I aint think u throw it See I laugh but u gave me a motive Look im sorry but I couldn?t control it I kno I called u named I promised Id never call u But u said sum shit Good thing my dawgs got me up off u Left me wit a lot of thoughts Every other day its somthin new Like joey we gotta talk This aint working out Chorus (Verse Three) U threw my clothes out the window Wat I did Throw ur clothes out the window How the fuck I end up in jail Jus like that Ma u actin greasy wit my son He aint have to see his dad walk in cuffs like that Learnt my lesson On one hand u gave me such a beautiful seed On the other hand hes used as a weapon Y things have to change For the worse Strach that They really changed after birth I guess u got wat u wanted A bad break ups like murder When it comes down to it I kno I put u thru hell U gotta kno its vice versus We aint gotta hate each other I tried to make it work I wanted a family Not jus a baby mama Look the lust was gone The trust was gone Come to grips with the thought of us is gone But its not jus a song Im good now u not the only one fed up But rather then us talk about it I?ll jus write u a letta Dear Angie Chorus

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