Dreams (Interlude) Testo

Testo Dreams (Interlude)

Featuring Trev Rich

In all actuality
The work gets hard for a passionate, work more than his salary
And it paid off hopefully to make my monthly look annually
So I tell this is a reality

I dream my way through life
Can’t remember if I was awake or asleep
I killed my doubters with kindness
And force-feed em the taste of defeat
They like this nigga been through somethin
How he rap like he ain’t 23
Cuz in my mind I’m not Millie’s, every round you gon brace for this heat
My city bad but it’s so small at the same damn time
When failure and success is treated like the same damn crime
They gon hate you either way
Either way give em something to talk about
They must be talkin bout us cuz nigga we the only thing that’s worth talkin bout
And they said we next and I said we now
Sayin why and I’m sayin how
Thinkin up a way to make a million
Every time I let down
And my son and daughter, they gotta eat
And that’s even if my stomach hurt
My girl throwin up every morning
Low key, I think she gon pop the 3rd
I was going through it with Jess too
Now I’m thinking it’s 3 for me
But on every last one of em
I swear to God we gon get this cheese
Dreaming since a youngin, writin poetry to pass the time
Never give me shit nigga
So think twice for your ass is mine
It’s Gucci Louis Prada shit
We all bout to be takin flight
I gove a fuck if you high right now
I’m bout to put you on a different height
I swear to my they gonna get me mine
Land shake nigga, just let me shine
Most go through life and cry
Nigga, I go through life and grind
My heart and soul on every beat
Cuz that’s what real niggas gonna do
Some shit might seem small to ya’ll
But somebody out there going through it
Used to battle niggas at lunch
And try to sneak my food in class
I was writtin raps and they was passin notes
And I still passed on they stupid ass
18 with no worries, my my how fast my story changes
Just for me, been where I was from
Most motherfuckers could’ve swore we bang
That G5 shit was epic, but before all that I was such a loner
Very nigga try to fuck with us
Every bitch wanted to fuck on us
I’m just speakin realistic
And reality is so vicious
But no, I’m not bragging about making your favorite girl a statistic

Nigga what you know about splittin poles?
What you know about the eviction notes
What you know about multiplayer on that Golden Eye on that 64?
What you know about walkmens? CD players, stereos
What you know about smart girls? I never really been in the centerfolds
What you know about ridin high? Getting bunked and you had to go
What you know about fingerprints? And waitin on your bail to post
What you know about struggling? And sharing money just to get a meal
What you know about hittin licks? It gone bad and the shit get real
What you know about takin losses? Bouncing back in the same week
Shit you might know bout all these but nigga what you know bout me?

I sleep on top of the world yea
Having fantasies, I’ having threesomes with success and my favorite girl yea
But we’ve been going through it since…

And I’ll be drinkin out this bottle like I never gave a fuck
She said she into whatever, I’m pouring in her cup
Looking over the city, feeling like this is for us
If we sleep don’t let housekeeping wake us up
Wake us up cause we’ve been dreaming
For too long
I swear we been dreaming
For too long
They could never alarm us
They could never harm us
We ain’t gotta worry bout him, we’ll leave it to karma
But I swear we been dreaming
Too long
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