Through My Eyes Testo

Testo Through My Eyes

Featuring Tsu-Surf

[Verse 1 Tsu-Surf]
What if I told you grandma raised me, she was blind and all
I was trappin, lil rappin, schools, nine and all
Been to hell and back, couple ditches, all kinda falls
Fiendin for them pills, I tried to trip a lot of Tylenols
Who's to question bout my hustle and the way I'm eatin?
Got a family, no job, I wake up late for meetings
Early mornin, my momma's dishes got the razor treatment
Gotta feed the team, god I can't afford to pay the deacons
Man I believe in a lot of things
But I really heard them choppers scream
Daddy a man, he in a vest, I went and copped the thing
Sinin since a gremlin, this a shit to make the doctor scream
Speakin of my daddy, that’s another story
I really like to call that my mother’s story
I was rippin and crippin, chillin it wasn’t for me
And I’ll be lyin if I say he ain’t do nothing for me
Apologize if I’m talkin bout me
But my fans they wanted hear me talkin bout street
I could finish it by 8, I’d hit that block bout 9
Purp and cubicals at work, we leave that office by 3
Shit, shit I got a whole beat to go
Long story short we tryina see the dough
Ain’t mentioned my daughter yet, you should meet her Joe
Just cuz you’d get a shot don’t mean you’d make this shit, it’s free to throw
Kinda smart, won’t say I wouldn’t have been nothing
But it’s something bout the streets that make a nigga keep jumpin when they call
Just cuz I leave won’t mean I make it back
My daughter 3, I mean she’s smart but try explaining that

I see in my way
I’m getting all changed
I mean is sinning really sinning when the end justify the means?
And you would know why
Am I wrong for winning for me and my team?
If you look through my eyes
I see in my way
Casa ain’t really done shit
I’m getting all changed
They just wearing the uniforms and shit
And you would know why
Couple niggas dyin very day
If you look through my eyes
I mean what else could you say?

[Verse 2]
I mean so many things about this industry is missleadin
Filled with so many feminine ways you would think it’s a Miss Leaton
From all of my time in the streets I never got this for no reason
No I’mma explore that half now, back then I wanted them pigs bleedin
I’m who the kids see but I ain’t a role model
For found the Genie, he was hiding in a coke bottle
And since you talk about your dad you ain’t discover
When you sign you’re probly fine and most these rappers is your brothers
You raised these niggas
How you learn in school days these niggas
I can’t let a few raise these niggas
It’s one and the same, still got every cal I bought
Child support, the running in labels
Begging em for an air support, the shit just as bad as I thought
I’m stepping out with weapons out
Loved ones in heaven now
Persevered through death champ
You lead your through Kevin
Loud’s got black ball, bounce back ya’ll
Now me in worse for your 7 maw
Hunger of a draft pick even though I’m a legend now
And so I’m blind like Stevie
The joy my son get when he see me on TV, but ya’ll think he’s easy
Ya’ll could barely walk in public if you was in my position
Serve home and away games play the same just on different sets
Nobody loyal, I’m alone, I don’t have a clique
Top it off, rap money come slower than Viagra dick
Feel like all my prayers hit my loved ones with an apteryx
Cuz rappers shit, had me out to count you when my gramps was sick
The block would ever let you know the half of it
Why the flock niggas think I be on my passive shit?
So I can’t decide who’s the braver man
Cuz you a slave to them streets and I’m a slave to these fans

I see in my way
Ya know what I mean?
I’m getting all changed
You niggas be wanting to switch places or trade places like shit is all good and all that
And you would know why
If you look through my eyes
All niggas see is the cars and the hoes
I see in my way
See em in the strip club, little bit of Julio what they gave they gravy though
I’m getting all changed
And you would know why
I must’ve punched one of these sucka niggas in the face last night
If you look through my eyes
I mean what else could you say?

But the hood shit don’t stop
Don’t stop cuz you ain’t in it
They only think you take a nigga out the hood, you can’t take the hood out a nigga
Yall don’t feel me though
Young numb
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