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You've been so good to me I must admit
When I think of your goodness it gets hard to sit
In times like these some people just don't get
How I manage to smile how the fire stays lit
And my mood doesn't go up and down with the world
And my life isn't based on money or girls
Economy's down but I'm still living blessed
They don't understand how,
So I'm tryin' to tell 'em that its because

You are my everything
You are my ever.....

A song will never fail you
So if you would allow this
I wanna tell You Father 'bout your love
There's nothing like it
Heart and soul, You somehow make me whole
I just wanna know if I can get up in the flow
I'll take the risk of sounding a little cliche
But You're the peace in my night
The joy in my day
You're the air that I breather, the song that I sing
You're all That I need
Jesus basically you are

You are my everything
You are my ever.....

You're my love (I found it in You)
You're my peace (I found it in You)
My joy (I found it in You)
Everything I need (I found it in You)
You always (I found it in You)
Find a way (I found it in You)
To put a smile (I found it in You)
On my face (I found it in You)
I couldn't make it without You
I'd be a fool to doubt you
Even though you already knew

You are my everything
You are my ever.....
You are my everything
You are my ever.....
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