One Prayer Away Testo

Testo One Prayer Away

Flipped through the TV, nothing goods on
to get your mind off of whats going wrong
Look through the freezer like food can
relieve you
from all of the emptiness left in your heart
No beautiful woman or human affection
fixes the mess that you've dealt with so
Nothing on Earth can keep you lifted
chemical highs are eventually gone
I know that you've heard this before
and you really wish the church could say
more to you
cause God dont seem as close as you want
him to
please remember however he can
Know he'll be there to do
Whatever you can't, know he's only one
one prayer away
You're looking for shelter from all the bad
desperately trying to flee from the cold
Generational curses, getting worse and
family demons are centuries old
In the midst of the confusion, the abuse, the
you gotta be superhuman to face the day
but we ask you to have faith simply seek
his face
and expect it all to eventually change
I know you've ignored this before
but I'll do my best to make all this clear to
even when you can't say nothing God's
hearing you
Whatever you can't
Know he'll be there to do
whatever you can't
Know he's only one
one prayer away
I know I can't make it with only me
So it's nice to have a father who will always
One prayer away
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