Goodbye Testo

Testo Goodbye

Got it this time, uh huh, yeah
No lie, I'm in a fruitful place
But I was here thinking about you today
My heart for the lost the same got moved away
Can't wait 'til I return
Wuddup gate the church
For now my roots are being planted deep in the dirt
Dirt, so I'm reminded of my purpose again
I'd better serve You if I'm a better servant of Him
Yeah, so to all my brothers and sisters
No, not a day goes by that I'm not reminded I miss you
See this is the only thing I've known
See the look on his face
When I tellin' my brother I'm really goin'
Tears rolling down our faces
Hugging like I'm never leaving but knowing I got a gift and the more I think about it, the tighter it comes to grip
The brother standing around is the love is feeling astounding
Two many names to mention but ya'll the reason I'm grounded yeah
And I know it's strange
But I know his aim's to
Glorify His holy name as I go through these growing pains

Man, leaving St. Louis has been
One of the most difficult things I've had to do
To leave the city I love
The people I love
But I gotta follow the God I love

Ever had to say that to everything you know
'Cause in your spirit you feel the Lord is telling you go, go, whoa, [breathes in] smell it
Fear seapin' through my pores second guessing he said it
Send me a sign
Is it Your voice?
I really can't tell
Is it my connection?
My signal keeps sending me fail
Failure, yeah, led by the spirit, into the wilderness he pained it don't mean you ain't hear Him
Tears coming down my wifey's eyes
We got no friends and I'm
Feelin' like nothing I can do to dry those cries
Got it all wrong this time
Feeling so tired
Feeling like why I'm following you?
She's following me
What we gonna do?
What's it gonna be?
She'd have left all of her family
And she's fighting although she's hurting
I know that you're truly with us
Spirit is truly working producing something within us, yeah
No this ain't strange 'cause I know your aims
So glorify Your holy name as we go through these growing pains

For me my wife and my family to be stripped away from everything we've known
It's been hard
But we're testaments to the fact that God brings growth
Through our pains
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