G.P. (Interlude 3) Testo

Testo G.P. (Interlude 3)

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
If anybody has heard my last album City Lights
Then you know my burden for St. Louis
My heart for my city
I been here my whole life
And um the hardest thing that me and my family have ever had to experience was
Having to leave our city
Um and often just hearing God's voice and
Having to trust that you're hearing God when he's asking to do something that goes
Contrary to probably what you'd have do
Um and those are the times when us trusting him and our faith in him are tested
Um so though now we're in Iowa City and it was difficult to leave St. Louis
We're seeing how God is doing something particularly in our lives
And that we believe would not have happened in St. Louis
Um but it took us to trust him
To trust that he was going to be taking care of us
Um before we would experience the growth that would along with it
So it's it's been hard
It's definitely been painful
Times of loneliness and frustration but
If I'm honest it has definitely been a growing pain
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