David Lo Pan Versus Jack Burton Testo

Testo David Lo Pan Versus Jack Burton

You don't like dirt and I'm sick of cute
(Six strings can lie)
I'm elated now, the bigger picture lies a thousand fold
The whine is spoiled.
The whine is bored.
(It never gets any better like 15 going on 35)
You could never ever
(Win 2000 years out of mind,
And now it's 15 going on 35)
Optimism isn't congruent with my love life
Just have Ms. O'Toole take care of your needs
(Facades are boring when it's 15 going on 35)
It starts out so small and it should stay the same.
Five o'clock news:
The proportions are boring.
If it came out no more,
Would the front page make it aware.
It's hardly productive to fight on the astral plane
(You'll never beat me if you never could win)
They'll enjoy the view
Your point of view
Is is a spectacle if it's your imagination
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