Straight To Yer Grill Testo

Testo Straight To Yer Grill

oh shit
I got my man Supereme on the wheels right about now
my man Bronco in the back
he's eatin' the rest of the pizza
we just coolin' out in the studio right about now
I wanna send some shouts out
Mystic, what's happenin' man?
Mastermind, what's up?
Mad Crew Logic on the set
Tape holdin' it down in Montreal
Wio-K, C-Mo, and Cosmo
my little brothers
now we gonna run this down for all you emcess who be goin' around in
circles and circles and circles
cause they sayin' they professional
but they get up on stage, mutha fuckas start doin' the moonwalk
so we got a little advice for you, we got a little news for you
we're gonna tell you how to run your shit
here we go, check it out

make no mistake
I take a thousand days out for break
makin' tapes I'm refinin'
takin' time while these emcees fakin'
you think you're stingin' me
but when your style is whack it's fouler than girl with clap came in virginity
you press play and you'll be ratin' what I'm creatin'
frontin' cause you think you sound like Nas, but you nauseatin'
now I know you wanna fight
but I pick up the mic, and you fuckin' freak out and run like the price is
I like my girls thick, I like my pockets phat
that's why I left Slay and M
cause I was sick of gettin' jacked
mutha fuckas with no rap for crap
the cocaine they blowin' while your records are no gain
and knowing this is actual, I'm on to they plans
they all for later
I'll be bangin' rougher than condoms made of sand paper
so while you thinkin' of things you think that you could show me
I'll be kickin' your crew off the edge of cliffs like they was coyotes
all this, and after it you go with slow talk
from nappy headed, bald, blonde, bonet, a weave, and mohawk
and while I'm movin' like a taxi cab
maybe grab a backseat
try to battle, leave your bloody ass a maxi pad
there's just too many rappers not original
I'm like the air all around you, I'm always there but I ain't visible
you couldn't see me, be me, beat me, or defeat me
here's a hint
psssst, you need to run your shit like me
ask yourself what the fuck you doin?
when you got 11 minutes of a 90 minute cassette that you just ruinend
and that's your demo ain't no replacin' or erasin'
cause you only catchin' wreck in your living room den and basement
so now you knowing that the rhymes is ill
so now you knowing who possess the skills
so now you knowing that you needs to chill
cause Watchdog is in effect, so you shoul watch your grill
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