Overdosed Testo

Testo Overdosed

Standing still my mind in a blur thinking now or never. Youre walking by watching my every move; is this some test? I turn around and hope you dont notice Im just a great pretender. Screwn off till next thing you know its another minute passed. I wish I could figure out what's really important. *So Im taking one more step holding my breath like its the last time Ill ever breath; inside I'm screaming. Dont know what comes next, I feel overdosed. But reality keeps playing me like I'm not even close. Shooting straight that aint been my strong suit; its just a hazy picture. Real love I tune in on TV and even that aint clear. I keep thinking someday Ill get it, once the numbness has faded. Oh what's the difference you tell me, Id really love to hear. Tell me how I can figure it all out; I am listening. (*)You there pointing the finger, what you lookn at. Who trying to prove you are; you think you are all that. Well I can tell you this one thing; Im ready to make my move. I'm wanna get it; go deeper, nothing to loose.(*) Taking one more step and I dont know what comes next. Taking one more step and I dont know what; I dont know what comes next

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