Time We Spent Testo

Testo Time We Spent

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
Another empty stage for us to fill again just like we've done so many nights before
And yet there's something different here that I cannot ignore when we opened up the doors
You filter in and fill the gap between us, with anxious hearts we make the night begin
A 30 minute party and you're all invited in so leave your crap back at the door; lets get this going

*We gotta find a way to make this last forever and leave behind the life we lived before
Nothing's gonna change, unless it's for the better
And even then I won't forget the time we spent; the time we spent with? You and I, we've got tonight in common relating to the struggles in these melodies
But nothing says we've got to change when this night begins to end; it's time we recognized that life is what we make it