Hidden Track: Colours Of Autunm Testo

Testo Hidden Track: Colours Of Autunm

[Absurd cover]

Fiery woods and golden trees
are glittering beneath clear sky
silver mist at every morning
and lonely ravens scream up high

Beholding the great vast forest
I can see the colours of autumn
Nightly frost that made flowers withered
is silent messenger of whole life's doom

Melancholy mood within nature
I feel cool touch of upcoming snow
which is born somewhere in North
Northernmost at the end of the rainbow

The burning colours of autumn
such a beatiful garment for death
last flashing of once vitality
but already is to feel dying breath

Not long within further time
all what I see is in the grip of frost
that's the eternal circle of birth and death
but still I enjoy what soon shall be lost
the everlasting colours of autumn
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