The Throne Of Desire Testo

Testo The Throne Of Desire

(Written By Cohen, Performed In "Night Magic") (Michael) Their bodies Triumphant Their power unfurled I know I am nothing And women the world! A slave to their favours Their no and their yes I'm crushed in the crease Of a cotton dress And I'm dead except In their company And I'm only at rest When they motion to me And night after night I turn to myself And I raise them Out of my panic And they come to me Willing at last Inflamed and fast Mutual and graphic. And suddenly they drill my heart With cavities of absence And they cover their thighs with cellophane And they cover their breasts with a shadow And they nail my good right hand to a wall in the attic O take me away From the thorns and the fire And let me recline On the Throne of Desire From the Throne of Desire I make this solemn decree Every woman I want Will want, will want, will want Will more than want me! o o o

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