Little Angel Testo

Testo Little Angel

I can't believe I gave you the best of me
I loved you Oh so heavy
But you put me through hell baby
And now I finally see
And your little angel, has just lost her wings

My men said the other day
My girl would never cheat on me,
Yah that's how he used to be
So weak and so naive
Now the girl that u used to know,
Has' got her lil secrets to,
But your ego's got you blind baby
Cause you don't see a damn thing

I play the fool with the devil and smile
If you know the truth,
Turn this world upside down,
Oh his little angel
Yes his little angel
He don't know his little angel's got an other situation on the side
Little angel,
Livin' in danger
He's fallin for a stranger cause his little angel's livin a lie
Little angel's livin a lie
Little angel's try to hide
Little angel's livin a lie
Ouh Oh Ouh Oh Ouh Ohhh

Tip toeing early in the morn'
Sneaking aroud just to answer the phone
Playing that pleasant role
What he don't know won't hurt him so
I'm just playing this game like u
Yeah I learn it from watchin' you
So I know you won't believe it ouhh
You let never come and face u


You can't handle the truth,
This girl came creap like u,
You brought it on yourself,
I had to go for self,
As soon as you hit the door,
Oh comes this fake love,
Your good girl's doing bad,
You lost the best you had.


You little angel baby,
You little angel baby,
You little angel baby,
Has gone foreva,
You little angel baby,
You little angel baby,
You little angel baby,
Has gone foreva.
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