Reflections Testo

Testo Reflections

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Tired of
trying to hide
inside this blank disguise
behind these lies

i don't understand
how you except how i've been
it's just not who you are
have i strayed too far?

everything that i am is everything that you aren't
(i need you to know)
everything that you are is everything that i'm not
(i'll let all me go..away)

longing for
an infinite love
instead of just a day
i want it to stay

wanting more
out of my life
in place of what it's been
or what's in my head

reflections of reality
are starting to get ahold of me
i know you're right here beside me
through you i can see what i couldn't see
through you i can be all i can be
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