Stranded Testo

Testo Stranded

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
VERSE 1: how am i?
what a question to ask
don't wanna talk about it

how's my life?
sure it's ruined at last
don't wanna look up one bit

PRE-CHORUS: i'm over it all
i'll get up after this fall
i'd step around this wall but...

CHORUS: still my nights are sleepless
my mind it screeches
my thoughts they pull me up and away
just not feelin ok
still my state is restless
my heart can't stand this
my felony is branded
and my energy is stranded, yeah

VERSE 2: i'm not great
put the period there
don't wanna talk about it

i'm not good
try not to stare
don't wanna look up one bit

BRIDGE: the realization is kicking in
i'm grasping you through thick and thin yeah
so i won't have to fake this grin

VERSE 3: now i'm fine
i've gotten past that line
maybe we can talk about it

FINAL CHORUS: i'm finally making progress
my heart will stand this
this restless state has ended
and i'm no longer stranded, yeah
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