If U Feelin This Testo

Testo If U Feelin This

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
What up loc, we holding it down But anyway, what's up, bitches, niggas And them bitch ass niggas, everybody We the Lone Star Ridaz, representing the Lone Star State That's Texas, front your do' motherfuckers But anyway, Grimm, what's up my nigga (what up, what up Hap) what's up bwoy (been a long time coming huh, Latin Sector You know, to that aggravated, if you don't know Most Hated, and they look now, the Lone Star Ridaz And everywhere we go baby, they looking at us All the Mexicans, them essays) sick motherfuckers (essays starting it from the beginning to the end baby) Here we go... [Grimm] Ever since what, '89 I put the pen on loose leaf The only Mexican in black clubs with groupies Who see, the same round groupies and baselines G-R-I double M, got this game mine Slayed down from scraps, raps ran over tracks And for that quick to cap, niggas giving me dap Pimp smacks to strap packers, what no Latin rappers Switched the game up straight fucked, back sackwards Bastards, never knew what him at first Not to laughter, he was making the matter worse And we recite Man, Balasso, Shadow, Filero Some breaking bread, others have no dinero Sad though the ghetto, was feeling us from the front Fucked up cause we kept it crunk, and who would of thought That Mexicanos out the Gulf Coast, keep it to the utmost Some though boys that been hating, them boys cut throat Buck holes, get your jealous niggas your organs Look no bided, and look how many to follow you The fars back days boys, yesterday's boys Telling em get up get out, and get your game boy (game boy) It ain't hard, nothing to it, but to do it If you knew it, I knew it Make you think twice, bout that G life We respect the Jesus Christ and why he died Now be applied, hope this game get you soked up Been loced up, since Aggravated and then we broke up But hold up, then the Most Hated came to the rescue Lone Star Ridaz, do his thang and smoking left fool [Chorus: Rasheed & Russell Lee - 4x] Now if you feeling this Go and turn it up a little louder So what you saying what So what you saying what

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