Heading Home (Live) Testo

Testo Heading Home (Live)

Verse 1:
He's over late at her house its dark
Things are going great but not for long
He's walking now to the place he parked
Her tears are showing that this is wrong
Another fight
Without a cause
A teenage couple but so in love
Her heart is torn that he said those things
The rain on the street wakes up and sings

Oh, it's gonna be a long long night
With a regret that will last forever
Just another stupid fight
Now she lost her only lover
And she can't go back
Wish she could go back
But she can't go back

Verse 2:
The light in his eyes makes him go blind
There's tears in his view when he's struck from behind
The guy was drunk when he hit her love
He can see her face in the sky above
Whatever happend to them she thinks
Yesterday they were kissing cheeks
Her mind goes wild and she starts to freak
She's all alone and can barely speak

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