September 17 (Live) Testo

Testo September 17 (Live)

Verse 1:
Well it's been three long years Since I last thought of this
How it took us so long to
Even kiss
And I know
That there's something so special inside of this
And I cant even guess what'll happen next
You saw me walking through
That art room door
I saw your eyes
And they were on the floor
A perfect circle
So cute in your lips
I watched you walk
And watched you move your hips

And I
I want you to know
That I
Am dieing to show
How much you
Mean to me
And how I
Could never be
Without you

Verse 2:
Now all the pictures
I so proudly show
Up on my wall
To everyone I know
And I know
That I can't wait to see another year
With you by my side
Where I have no fear
So hold me close
And take me by the hand
I promise I wont be like other bands
Your so sweet
And mean the world to me
Now take my hand
And I will gladly lead

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