Cockboy's Caddy Part II Testo

Testo Cockboy's Caddy Part II

There was this kid who lived in Naperville He had no money, no dollar, dollar bills He had a pimp caddy you know you can't blame us But we had to make the backseat, backseat famous We call him the rooster, reading Simon & Schuster You know your girlfriend he probably seduced her One honey on his right, one honey on his left All the honey's left out are getting upset "This weekend I had Cockboy all to myself" Yeah right, he took a shower, in an hour, he was with someone else You just don't get it he'll never admit it Footprints on the dashboard, he hit it Captain Conservo left, Stubhy brought a pound Rolled a keg in, Otto shut it down Now that's CB rubbers in the trunk Book reading always breeding probably drunk Probably drunk, probably drunk Cockboy's probably drunk

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