Perfect Testo

Testo Perfect

Lakho Hazaro chahare
Raste me khade bhooke
Naseeb me kya likha hay
Kiskee nazar lagee hay
Pehechano unke akho ko
Lalaj ke do neeshane
Nafarat se lade hay
Daulat ke do nishane

Just perfect
And our leader close their eyes
Telling lies, selling lies, selling lies
They don't hear our cries
Wells are dry, children die, children die

But there's one solution
Back home is where she stays
She rids my minds pollution
When she whispers “It's okay”
I can still find some solace
Two thousand miles away
We've built our own safe haven
I our tight embrace

She's perfect
I'm seeing it in her face
No one else can take her place, take her place, take her place
I feel it in her taste
She knows how to give me space
How long will you believe in us
I only know it when you're gone, when you're gone

Hundreds of Thousands of faces
Standing hungry in the streets
What's written in future (destiny)?
Who's bad karma/vibes has hurt them
(This line is very hard to translate exactly)
Recognize their eyes
Two symbols of jealousy
Led by hate and anger
Fueled by false hopes of riches

Just Perfect
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