Conflict Diamonds Testo

Testo Conflict Diamonds

Yeee.......uhhh....f and f uhh....yeee..u know wat im sayin...i figa..i feel like i should jus...u know show ppl otha side that werent aware...u no wat im sayin that are presently unaware that dont know about no wat im sayin you know jus show them thers anotha side to this thing right here we call bling..

(verse 1)

allow me to break down the game behind the braclets, earings, chains, watches, and rings the bling the cystal incrusted, princess flooded, canary studed blue coloured, and blood stained..yee the older brother of the drug game the giva of fame the takawaya a lame...the inpowerer of the kings that came wit claims and diseased to leave were the native people were stayin..believe my engagment ring recevin floss at the cost of a bonded child minus pain..long ago kings used to wear em in they armor wen they faught otha armys because it used to scare em..if u wasnt rich couldnt wear em..witches used to marry em theyd a shoot u before they share em..the gift and the curse the vindaminacerum most hated ladies best freind gettin merced for a clerum..

(Lupe Fiasco talking) know wat im sayin...i aint comin down on know wat im sayin....i aint tryin to judge nobody or nutin like know wat im sayin ive lost to..i might go and get me a pinky ring know wat im sayin...but i jus want u to see man..u know wat im sayin...jus see man..

(verse 2)

Ceso road sold world when genocide into the countryside jus to get his shine on...
i fear wit the beers and and his peers used to do..before the world really knew jus to get ther mind on..makin paper wit slave laba and hittin little kids wit life time beards makin them cuttin shine stones..inflatin the price and makin them look nice and i wasnt thinkin twice wen i was puttin my own..i baught a young shawty in scierra leaon or the conflict countrys that people call home...i figured that i'd neva go to Angola so it neva did effect me that maybe indirectly..that my necklace was fundin a rebellion or a milatery crew started by milicious's that dont believe in followin none of giniva's rules..i was brushin of the hater's tryna be cool..didn't have a clue that the rapper's were helpin the rapers..raiders are the villagers..pillagers are the schools..shooters are the innocent..torcherer's are the witneses..burners are the busines's..and my bracelet was the few..i aint pushin an agenda homie im jus pushin the facts fuck bush...cuz his people doin worse on this earth and they sick that they let me bring it back...

(Verse continued)

we all no for shure that they finance war's but ask yaself do they finace yours?..when i first got mine i took em out on they they lost half they value when i took em out the store..or it was full of moise of knights and cubicx...but the jewla knew i was stupid
and that i couldn't prove it...feelin like i need it cuz i do impress the groupies and the intaviewer' i didn't praise it nor did i loop it..even gave em to my girl thinkin i was cupid..homies was on hate hopin they could make me lose it..creepin thru my own hood knew i had to remove it..i see the russian mafia the jewish mobsters..the undacover terrorists..and the traps for the hustler's homie its a rap for the nonsense rhymin..props to kanye i call it conflict diamonds...

(lupe fiasco talking)
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