Intro To Food & Liquor 2 Testo

Testo Intro To Food & Liquor 2

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Now as I wander through the city going mad
I see the fruits of planting evidence instead of grass
A swindled generation with no patience, full of swag
Man, they so impatient with the stations that they have

As long as they look good when they be doin' bad
And the separation from the truth is getting vast, fast
Be a slave at first or free at... last
Double edged choices make a nigga wanna pass

Double headed voices of the eagle on the staff
The pyramid with eyes will split the spirited in half!
Divided over money, delighted by the dummy (dumb-ing)
And down of the importance of crowns we'll never have

That's why my sounds and sermons are so full of wrath
Baptize your mind; let your brain take a bath
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