Mean & Vicious Testo

Testo Mean & Vicious

[Verse 1:] Uuhhh He's meannnnnn And vicious I can't believe he's that rude To those stories those rhymes that jew Then he put 'em on the floor like cat food (meow) And put 'em on the track like glue Then put 'em on your head like hat Hey back to you Lu black power I'm just running with a barrel full of black powder With a hole in it hole in it wheezin deep, breathing Running from the fire on the trail I keep leaving I can't shake it I swear it's heat seeking I keep seeking somewhere to hide from it I can die from it But it keep keeping up just when I think that I've done it It keep sneakin up Ohh leaking barrel of black powder how that flame keep reaching us Just one of the long rended extended metaphors a lose This time I use an example of a fuse To demonstrate how I can't lose I would put it down but I can't due to the glue That I use the fuse everything together Well I spill some on my hands And God Damn I might have to carry this forever Well I'm crazy to the game till they bury me insane [Chorus:] There once was a boy that grew up on the west side of chicago Liked his hat to the left side Wasn't in a gang but he was prone to bang Doing his thanngg doin his thang There once was a boy that grew up on the west side of chicago Liked his hat to the left side Wasn't in a gang but he was known to bang (uuhh) like Doing his thanngg (yeah) doin his thang [Verse 2:] Truthfully I have trouble with second verses Cause the first one be so intimidating It'd be bullying and picking on it instigating Pointing out all the second ones limitations Like you ain't nothing but an imitation Like betcha baking then it gets the chorus And the beat to together then they gang up on him and get to hating But then around the 8th bar he tired So they conspire and comiserating then he find his inspiration To spar he takes a few seconds of judo lessons Gets back on beat then punches the guitar They stand in awe like when did you write that They even right black First verse already happened So he don't have a chance to fight back I like that Abagnale Junior check me You gonna respect me A 8 track listen to em feelin himself Swagger up and a few ad libs to back it up Let's back it up I think you've had enough Give me my mic back You ain't even write that Oh it's like that Track stop pumping till this nigga stop fronting Yeah yeah now right back

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