All The Birds Testo

Testo All The Birds

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
VERSE 1 All the little birds are now coming back, Cuckoo and siskin, thrush and starling are singing every day. The lark is cheering high up in the sky, ringing in the spring over again. Frost and snow, they had to go, there is sun and joy here. VERSE 2 Flowers white, yellow and blue, are peeping up behind the stones. Are nodding so softly the small ones, after their winter nap. Woods and fields green are dressing up after the Lord's command. Little buds they're springing out, there is sun and joy here. VERSE 3 Little sister, little brother, come, and we will dance. Then pick flowers for mother, many, many wreaths! Sing, hum all day long! Sommer saluts and skip bucks! Thanks, o God who once gave us sun and joy.

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