Sensless Species Testo

Testo Sensless Species

the moon was shining bright as wicked loki crept into my mind he was lost and buried in the mist of time and soon i found out why he took me to the past where everything began and back into the future to the end of the plan CHORUS: is it this way or was it that way turn your truth upside down everything you know is wrong is it this way or was it that way turn your truth upside down we're the senseless species through space and time we traveled as my psychic condition began to fuck me up like the world around me it fell apart and left me here to rot but loki laughed into my face and said "well it's ok, let's flush this world right down the drain without feeling ashamed" CHORUS: back in the garden of chaos is where mankind belongs and in the name of your god the troops of the damned are marching on and now you've got me locked up in a rubber room but you're the ones that should be here and all your senseless gods too CHORUS: (2x) this way, that way, right way, left way, wrong way, my way yeah psycho!

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