Sin Is Law Testo

Testo Sin Is Law

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
there is a vibe of madness in the air tonight, that makes us feel alright yeah i got a rocket in my pocket and speed in my veins gonna fight till the morning light we're in a mess and we've got things to do the walls are a shakin' and there ain't no taboos wanna break every single rule CHORUS: what is wrong, what is right the sin is law tonight what is wrong, what is right the sin is law tonight here at the racket at 711 hey hell-o mr. host tonight we had a show and we're looking for a place to stay we gonna enjoy your hospitilaty drink down the bar and leave without paying CHORUS: yeah, yeah the gang's all here and we're going berserk in a 10 quid single room we have sex in the shower, white rocks on the sink crash out on the floor, pass me another drink yeah it's six o'clock and i can't get enough burn this motherfucker down, 'cause some like it rough CHORUS:

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