Couldn't Be Your Lover Testo

Testo Couldn't Be Your Lover

Tiziano Ferro, al concerto non si presentano 1000 persone per paura di attentati
[Madonna] I don't know where the steps.. [2Pac] Hey, they minds different from what they lips say even when the media is gettin greedia you wake they hips sway hit in with the bomb ambition. i caught you peepin, no more sleepin i got you freakin through the through whole weekend. fakes speakin, is it mashin or just they heat try to get me all up in your satan sheets. what they say, a blonde and a thug brotha the way you gettin paid, i wish was lovers {chorus}x2 now i could be your sister, i could be your mother we could be friends and i could even be your brother but i, couldnt be your lover [Madonna] all that i know, is i just don't undertsand is that my happieness always lies in the palm of your hands i know what you're thinkin next would it be better if i loved you less? sometimes i think that i made you up but would it be better if i gave u up {repeat Madonnas verse} {chorus}x3