Massively Overwrought Testo

Testo Massively Overwrought

I came back from New York City with a new and abstruse vocabulary to throw around at everyone.

For example "Love it! Love it!" "Take the bump" "Girl"

and I was still mindlessly and aimlessly existing

working for a fat man in a small handmade automobile

mindlessly coordinating his atrocious celebrations

so it seemed, i suspect, i very nearly shared with every other helplessly stranded, inconsequential child of the entertainment industry.

when you came back from New York City

I was suddenly reminded that there'd been two girls with the same name

and one of them died

and the other one got a presidential scholarship to study painting at yale university

and i found myself wondering whether

Joseph Albers was still alive

and it subsequently struck me and possibly everyone else as somewhat callous and strange that we would wonder whether Joseph Albers was still alive when we knew for a fact that our former high school friend was not

And that's when the party became

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