Falling (Into The Blue) Testo

Testo Falling (Into The Blue)

Same face, different onthe inside, Still fade into my maze, And I'm still lost, Over the realms of mypain... As I'm wondering throughthese places, I keep running away frominescapable change, oh, Trying to stay the same... Save the name, save theideals! 'cause my fuse gotbroken, like stolen, I keep losing soul... And I feel like I'mfalling, Falling into the blue... The blue... White as snow, The page that should'vehad my words, Still has only my name, And I'm still lost, As I give rest to mythoughts. As I'm running, throughmy mazes, Empty eyes, empty facesstill want me to change, oh, Where are you SANITY? Save the moment, oh won'tyou save the day! You're welcome in, Won't you come see thestate that I'm in? 'cause I feel like I'mfalling, Falling into the blue...The blue

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