Don't Slow Down Testo

Testo Don't Slow Down

I've got the heat of the sun beating down on me
And I can feel the humble ground crack beneath my feet
I still clench my fists and grit my teeth
I won't accept the symptoms, won't embrace the disease

Some scars heal, but I won't forget
And even now, I'm just as pissed
Yes I'm older, but still realize that
I won't let it dim, won't let it die, because I

Won't slow down, won't slow down

Don't forget the meaning and how it began
But most of all don't, don't let it end

Don't slow down, don't slow down [x2]

Don't slow down, don't slow down
This is the path of resistance paved on hallowed ground
If you look through the feedback and fucked up sound
There's still more room for something profound
Veer off the path to avoid a repeat
Trudge new depths before I admit defeat
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