Everyone Testo

Testo Everyone

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
I'm not what you think I am
I've got something to show the world
It's bigger than a childhood dream
Don't think you can change my mind
Take a deep breath
You've said your last words
I won't stop and I can't stop now
I'm on to something big and you're not in the picture
Cuz its my time now

Is out to get me
Thinks they can stop me
Is out to get me
Thinks they can stop me

You think you know but you
Have no idea
What I've been hiding up my sleeve
You know good and well
that's not what I'm cut out to be
So you don't you dare judge Me

Someway, somehow
You still love me after all mistakes
And all the things I put You through
The nights You always kept so true
When I was so alone
I need You, I need You
You're like the air I breathe
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