That Pretty Gurl Testo

Testo That Pretty Gurl

Well everyone sees that pretty gurl
When she walks down the streets with those pretty curls
She feeds off all the attention she gets
She never gets that much out of it

Everyone tells here that she's beautiful
It's never enough to convince herself
She feels like she's not worth much at all
And never gets why she's broken inside

She's that pretty gurl that everyone loves
She never gets why her life is broken
She's that pretty gurl that everyone loves?
But there's no one right for her...

She puts on her make-up
Trying to cover every imperfection she hides from the world
She's just so scared of being seen
But no one else would ever know

She feels... uglier... everyday she goes on
She needs... someone... to love her nooooooooooooooow

I can see straight through you like a hole in the wall
and I'm not gonna sit back and watch you fall
Take my hand and come with me tonight
Cuz Ill be the one that treats you right
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